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Home Nutrition Healthy Eating A New Kind of Eating for Optimal Health

A New Kind of Eating for Optimal Health

A New Kind of Eating for Optimal Health

Today I'm going to tell you about a very controversial way of eating that will strip the fat off your body and make you feel totally energetic and alive. It goes opposed to almost everything you have ever heard about the traditional bodybuilding and fitness model diet. And it works like crazy.

In only three weeks, this sort of eating can completely change how you look and feel both inside and out. The best part is there is nothing to buy and I have nothing to sell you. So there are no sour surprises down the road here once you get started.

The fact that you don't need to buy anything to make this work is probably why it is not pushed more. You do not need to buy protein powder, supplements, special gym socks or a monthly menu delivered to your door. Because of such, no one pushes it because there is no money to make.

Here are the steps to getting a lean, athletic and sexy looking body without killing yourself in the process. As a matter of fact, you'll probably feel the best you ever have.

1. Cut out all junk - Now this goes without saying but everything you put into your mouth becomes a part of you. Stop and realize this. You are physically made of the things you eat. They create you. If you put things into your body that do not grow on this planet, then your body does not know what to do with it. It tries to detoxify and if it can't it protects you by placing the compounds in fat cells.

2. Drop the animal source protein - Do you have to become a vegetarian? I say no. You do want to realize just how hard it is though to naturally come by 5 meals of animal based protein if you were in the wild. I've hunted for years and I know that getting meat to eat is time consuming and challenging. From the killing, to the cleaning, transport and storing. We forget this now days when we eat 5 ounces every three hours. The body was not built to live this way.

Meat is not bad. We just eat a lot of it and more than I feel is needed for optimum health.

3. Drink at least three liters of water a day - For the things already done to the body from past habits and behaviors, dilution is the solution to pollution. Meaning, you need water not only for the hydration and function of the body but also for cleaning out damage.

4. Go 80% raw - When you cook it, you kill part of it. There are things in food that go well beyond just carbohydrates, fats and proteins. There are enzymes and other little buggers that are supposed to be in there to help you digest and become energized.

Some people say that you don't need to cook anything but I say everything in moderation especially when you are starting a new lifestyle. For example, beans, lentils and oatmeal are great foods but are not very much fun no matter how you slice it when left uncooked.

5. Start juicing - Juicing is not something you have to do. You never have to do anything. However it is a great way to speed up the process of getting your body running at 100% again. It is a super punch of condensed nutrients that will help detoxify very quickly.

When most people think of juicing, they think fruits. While some fruits are OK to add some flavor, you do want to keep the sugars without fiber very low. So make 90% of your juice from leafy green vegetables. In closing, this is a radical change from what most people are told to eat. It is simple and it works.




About the Author
Ray Burton is a personal trainer and boot camp instructor in Calgary.

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