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50 Cent Weight Loss Phenomenon

50 Cent Weight Loss Phenomenon


50 Cent lost a tremendous amount of weight for his upcoming movie entitled "Things Fall Apart". 50 Cent plays the role of a football player who is plagued with a cancer-ridden disease. According to, he dropped a whopping 54 pounds to show his struggle with the disease during the film.

50 Cent went from 214 pounds to 160 pounds and it took him only 9 weeks. 50 Cent worked out for 3 hours a day, walking on an inclined treadmill for the entire period, and followed a liquid only crash diet. Look at the before and after pictures; and yes, that's really him!


Here's what 50 looks like for the role and you can see his crazy transformation:



This is obviously an unhealthy way to lose weight. Not only did he place his organs and immune system in jeopardy with the rapid weight loss, but he lost a tremendous amount of muscle mass. A healthy weight loss goal should be 1-2 pounds a week, burning off fat whilst maintaining the maximum amount of muscle. Please do not do what 50 cent did. A lot of these actors do crazy things for roles, but that does not make it right or healthy. Christian Bale is another actor who has taken place in yo-yo dieting for roles. He has starved himself for roles such as The Machinist and Rescue Dawn and beefed up for his roles in American Psycho and the Batman movies. This should not be a way of life to follow, and is a very unhealthy way to treat your body. Gradual progression is always best.

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