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Home Health & Lifestyle The Sex Column 5 Ways Exercise Enhances Your Sex Life

5 Ways Exercise Enhances Your Sex Life

5 Ways Exercise Enhances Your Sex Life


Exercise has a multitude of benefits, many of which you read about every day. Articles abound on a vigorous exercise program producing a fit body, sound mind, leaner waist and healthier life style. However, there is yet another benefit that is a motivating factor in driving us to those regular bouts of fitness training… a vibrant sex life.



Sex experts consider exercise to be an effective aphrodisiac. Following a regular exercise program makes us look sexier and feel sexier, slimming and trimming our physique and raising our libido. Even moderate levels of regular exercise will work in your favor towards producing a healthier and happier sex life.

Check out these five power-packed reasons why you should dive into an exercise program:



Motivator #1 – Exercise makes you more attractive. This is a given. Both men and women are more attracted to the opposite sex when they are fit. Men enjoy women with shapely figures and tight muscles (especially the butt!) and women swoon over men who are ripped and sporting 6 packs (rumor has it that women enjoy a tight butt too!). 



Motivator #2 – Exercise builds self-confidence. Eventually, after faithfully paying your workout dues, you begin to acquire a toned body, flat abs and a firm, shapely butt. Exercise makes you look better and feel better, both of which provide a better self-image. When your confidence is raised, you perform daily tasks better which happens to include those lovemaking bouts in the bedroom.



Motivator #3 – Exercise puts you in the mood. A pumped workout makes you feel fresh and alive. This feeling occurs because endorphins are released in the brain which triggers that feeling of exhilaration. Not only do endorphins spark a natural high, but they also reduce stress (which can be a hindrance to sex) and they boost our desire for sex (which also releases more endorphins!).



Motivator #4 – Exercise increases our agility. All those exercises that are pushing, pulling and stretching muscles increase agility and really come in handy on a romantic night with your partner. Cardiovascular exercises also increase endurance for longer sexual encounters. If you are into yoga, pilates or another form of exercise program that focuses on extending the body’s pliability, you can conquer some new and exciting lovemaking positions.



Motivator #5 – Exercise alleviates Medical Issues. Exercise helps to prevent and counter many medical problems which can arise from an inactive and unhealthy lifestyle. A regular exercise regimen coupled with a healthy diet has been proven to lower your chances of developing diabetes and heart disease. However, another huge problem which affects approximately 30 million men in the US is erectile dysfunction. Regular exercise increases blood flow and reduces stress which may help men to perform better during sex.

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