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4 Ab Exercises for a Ripped Six-Pack

4 Ab Exercises for a Ripped Six-Pack

Here is an awesome ab routine for you to try. Perform this workout twice a week for a ripped midsection in conjunction with your weightlifting routines and your cardio routines. Remember...this is only a sample of the kind of routine you get with our MP45 Program. With MP45, you get hundreds of different exercises and tips like the ones I am giving you right now. You get full workouts and diet plans for all 45 days. After these 45 days are done, you will never look better and you will understand the better and more effective way to train your body both inside the gym and out. It's a very simple program, but it is one that will get you guaranteed results. Training your abs is actually a very small equation in getting a six pack. It has more to do with dieting and doing compound movements like squats and deadlifts that will be the deciding factor in how well your abs look. Give my program a shot and you will never look back. TRY MP45 TODAY!





Try these 4 abdominal exercises:

1) Double Weighted Crunch
2) Hanging Leg Raise- Rocky Style
3) Machine Cable Rope Crunch
4) Floor Wipers

Make sure to perform 3 sets of each exercise. Make sure not to do the ab routine within 48 hours of each other. Twice a week is preferable.


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