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Home Training 30 Day Workout Challenge 30 Day Workout Challenge: Day 13

30 Day Workout Challenge: Day 13

30 Day Workout Challenge: Day 13


The Muscle Prodigy 30 Day Challenge is a 4 week gradual progressive approach, consisting of a solid foundation of cardiovascular training and resistance training. These two principles need to be implemented properly along with a sound nutritional diet and you must understand that this plan does not work if one of these fundamentals is taken away.


Each day we post a new workout for you to follow so stay tuned every single day!


Routine for Day 13:

Now that you taxed your muscles with the appropriate upper, lower body split, now it's time perform a cardio day. The best time to do cardio is directly in the morning, when your glycogen levels are depleted. Go to the track to perform this blistering cardio routine:


1. Half Mile Warm-Up Jog
2. 1 Mile Run
3. 2 Minutes Rest
4. Quarter Mile Hard Run
5. 2 Minutes Rest
6. 200 m Hard Run
7. 1 Minute Rest
8. 100 m Hard Run
9. 1 Minute Rest
10. 100 m Sprint
11. 1 Minute Rest
12. Quarter Mile Hard Run
13. 2 Minutes Rest
14. Half Mile Cooldown Jog
15. 10 Minute Stretch- Quads and Hamstrings
16. Quarter Mile Hard Run
17. 2 Minutes Rest
18. Half Mile Cooldown Jog
19. 10 Minute Stretch- Quads and Hamstrings

This cardio routine is similar to what professional athletes do to increase the aerobic and anaerobic capacity. You've got to work hard, but the benefits of HIIT are unparalleled. 

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