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Home Sport-Specific Running Training 3 Secrets to Javelin Throwing

3 Secrets to Javelin Throwing

3 Secrets to Javelin Throwing

Secret #1: The Core Secret.



Did you know There is one simple, effective way to use your core to throw farther? The second you learn this technique, it could literally add distance overnight! It is simple, effective and functional not only to your throwing, but to your entire training program.

I taught this technique in one hour to a thrower. They started using it and added mega distance almost instantly!

Here's the secret: Suck in your gut! That's it. Just draw in your stomach as if you're trying to make yourself skinny. This helps engage some of the key core muscles in your abdominal area. Having these muscles engaged while you throw will help you achieve more speed and stability during your throw, which should definitely transfer into big increases in distance!

To find out how to suck in that gut to fully engage your core, strengthen your core and improve the explosiveness of your core to throw atmospheric distances, check out

Secret #2: The Secret of Balance.

Are you sick of aches and pains from throwing javelin? Let's be honest, Javelin throwers are tough, but even tough athletes get sore after the odd practice. One secret to avoiding aches and pains is something called balance training. Balance training isn't standing on one foot with your eyes closed in the middle of rush hour traffic--don't do that!

Balance training is a simple concept that can be employed in all aspects of your training to help you avoid injury. Your throwing side is already really strong. It is probably so strong that It is starting to tighten up the other side of your body! This can lead to lots of aches and pains. All you need to do to untie this problem is:

Start throwing on the other side! No, not in competition-- just at the end of practice for 5-10 minutes. This will help re-balance your body. It stretches all the muscles that were compressed during your throwing session because It is essentially the reverse of what you've been doing all practice--you're rebalancing the body which will help take away those pesky aches and pains. Don't worry if you're not launching the spear on your weak side, it still works to rebalance the body! It also does something else magical…

This is only one example of balance training. You can apply all kinds of awesome balance training techniques to every single aspect of your regimen! Keeping reading, There is one more javelin secret

Secret #3: The Secret of Explosiveness!

Javelin throwers are explosive! The more explosive you are, the further the spear tears through the air! And There is one element of training for explosiveness that makes that javelin of yours fly forever!

There is so much literature on explosiveness training, and shockingly, over half of it doesn't even talk about this element! Luckily, you're going to uncover the other half - the half that knows! The half that knows that explosive training should occur ONLY under the following little known format.

Full speed! When you're training for more explosiveness, you go as fast as you can for as long as you can and as soon as you start to slow down, you STOP. You're not training for endurance; you're training for speed! You go full blast and the second you start to slow down, that's it! If you keep going, you're teaching your body to build endurance, you don't want endurance, you want explosiveness! Simple yet, ingenious!

Come discover every exercise, technique tip, drill and secret to explosiveness for javelin throwing today at:

Yours truly,

About the Author

javelin throw enthusiast Byron Collyer is a well known javelin throw coach and training specialist. Byron Offers his expert javelin throw advice at his site which is loaded with javelin throwing tips, drills, secrets, weight and core training for javelin and more.
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