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Home Training Bodybuilding- News, Results, Predictions, etc. 2011 Arnold Classic Results: Branch Warren Takes Title

2011 Arnold Classic Results: Branch Warren Takes Title

2011 Arnold Classic Results: Branch Warren Takes Title

The 2011 Arnold Classic Results are in! The second biggest bodybuilding competition in the world (after the Mr. Olympia, of course) has crowned a new champion: Branch Warren. To many people’s disappointment, Kai Greene, the 2009 and 2010 Arnold Classic two-time reigning champion, decided to sit out the contest in order to devote more time to the 2011 Mr. Olympia in September. Let's take a look at the placings...



Below are the Final results and prize money:

1. Branch Warren $130,000
2. Dennis Wolf $75,000
3. Victor Martinez $50,000
4. Evan Centopani $30,000
5. Dexter Jackson $15,000
6. Ronny Rockel $10,000
7. Johnnie Jackson
8. Roelly Winklaar
Toney Freeman
10. Ben Pakulski
11. Sergey Shelestov
12. Fouad Abiad
13. Essa Obaid
14. Robert Piortkowicz

Best posing presentation:
Dennis Wolf $10,000

Most Muscular Award:
Branch Warren

Lifetime achievement award:
Lou Ferrigno


Here are all the previous winners of the Arnold Classic

Below are all the winners of the previous Arnold Classic by Year:


Year Arnold Classic Ms. International Fitness International Figure International
1989 Rich Gaspari Jackie Paisley

1990 Mike Ashley Laura Creavalle

1991 Shawn Ray Tonya Knight

1992 Vince Taylor Anja Schreiner

1993 Flex Wheeler Kim Chizevsky

1994 Kevin Levrone Laura Creavalle

1995 Mike Francois Laura Creavalle

1996 Kevin Levrone Kim Chizevsky

1997 Flex Wheeler Yolanda Hughes Carol Semple-Marzetta
1998 Flex Wheeler Yolanda Hughes Susie Curry
1999 Nasser El Sonbaty Vickie Gates Susie Curry
2000 Flex Wheeler Vickie Gates Kelly Ryan
2001 Ronnie Coleman Vickie Gates Jenny Worth
2002 Jay Cutler Yaxeni Oriquen Susie Curry
2003 Jay Cutler Yaxeni Oriquen Susie Curry Jenny Lynn
2004 Jay Cutler Iris Kyle Adela Garcia-Friedmansky Jenny Lynn
2005 Dexter Jackson Yaxeni Oriquen Jen Hendershott Jenny Lynn
2006 Dexter Jackson Iris Kyle Adela Garcia Mary Elizabeth Lado
2007 Victor Martinez Iris Kyle Kim Klein Mary Elizabeth Lado
2008 Dexter Jackson Yaxeni Oriquen Kim Klein Gina Aliotti
2009 Kai Greene Iris Kyle Jen Hendershott Zivile Raudoniene
2010 Kai Greene Iris Kyle Adela Garcia

Nicole Wilkins-Lee

2011 Branch Warren  


After the prejudging rounds on Saturday morning, Evan Centopani, the reigning FLEX Pro champion, Victor Martinez, Dennis Wolf and Branch Warren were battling for the top spot.

According to many, Warren had the best conditioning in the morning and was considered the overall leader heading into the finals.

Among those fighting for the fifth and sixth spots were Ronny Rockel, Johnnie Jackson, Roelly Winklaar, and Dexter Jackson, who was hoping to secure his record-tying fourth Arnold Classic title.

Dexter Jackson was the biggest disappointment of the day with his fifth place finish. It looks like the 41 year old Jackson’s age is finally catching up to him, especially competing against much younger competitors.

Evan Centopani finished fourth, not quite the showing he experienced during the Flex Pro but certainly very impressive against more experienced and deeper competition.

It looks like Victor Martinez recovered from his nagging leg injuries, in which he took third place. Many considered Martinez’s physique better than his controversial second place finish to Jay Cutler during the 2007 Mr. Olympia.

Dennis Wolf finished strong with his runner up finish, grabbing second place honors, also winning the Most Entertaining Posing Award. It certainly looks like Wolf won’t get that DNP finish like he did in the last Olympia contest and should be considered one of the favorites going into the 2011 Olympia.

Branch Warren stormed into the Arnold Classic and took the title. The knock on Warren has always been that he does not have the most appealing physique in terms of proportionality. He obviously has a tremendously muscular build and came in more ripped than ever, convincing the judges that he had the best physique of all.

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