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2 Tips for Bigger Calves

2 Tips for Bigger Calves


If you want to know how to do something, the best way is to model, right? To find somebody else that's done it. Today I want to tell you how to build your calves. Actually, I want to tell you what I learned about building calves from Nick Nilsson.

Calves are the bane of a lot of people's existence and I've always had a hard time with calves too and the only thing, the one thing that really really worked well for me was, well, let's back up for a second.

I'm not sure if you've ever seen stretch shoes? Basically the first time I put those on, I was sore before I even finished the workout. And I basically did too much the first time was my problem. But that kind of led me down the path of you really need to focus on the stretch for the calves.

That's pretty much what's going to do it for you and a lot of what I found people do when they're doing calves is that they avoid that stretch, they don't think into it they don't give their calves a chance to really stretch out. They pump out reps and it feels pretty good and you can get a decent pump in your calves but to really stretch them out you have to really go low. You know, your calves are designed for heavy wear and tear. Your calves are endurance muscles and they are tough to develop. So, in order to really loosen up that fascia which is covering the muscles and basically keeping them from growing very much, you have to get a deep stretch at the bottom, and I recommend holding it for at least like four or five seconds if you can. It's not going to be comfortable but it's going to really help a lot.

Some people may have heard of aggressively stretching the fascia. It's really important for calves because they get a lot of work just walking round and doing stuff and to really set yourself apart in the calves you have to really get that stretch at the bottom and really allow your muscles to sink into that stretch at the bottom.

I found when I do that I'm getting better results with calves. And one other tip actually, which is like my second best tip, is when you're doing calf raises, even if you don't go over the stretch or whatever, as you are coming up, focus on pushing up on the big toe side of your foot. Because what tends to happen is as you do calves it's easier to roll out to the outside of your foot and so, as you're coming up, if you focus on (and you'd probably have to lighten the weight up a bit) but as you come up and push up, focus on pushing with that big toe on the ball of your foot on the inner side there and you'll notice the difference immediately and it's going to hit that calf muscle belly right where you haven't hit before. This really makes a huge difference in your calf training.

Now one last bonus tip, to add which I think might be interesting to help with the fascia stretching. With the calves, hit low and high reps, and you know sometimes they say that the gastroc is fast twitch and the slow twitch soloeus and so on and so forth... but there are some studies where it's kind of an even mix all the way through both, depending on who you are. So that hitting a big weight day with sort of volume like an eight by eight or ten by ten or whatever, and then the proceeding day doing like four sets of a hundred, but then on your hundred rep day when you're full of blood mixing in that fascia stretching kind of thing, is a pretty good little tweak that will cause rapid changes.

Give those tips a shot for about thirty days and you will feel some serious tingling going on in your lower legs as your calf growth starts to take off.

Turn your calves into cows using the same methods I did. I know what you are thinking and no, I was not born with calves. This guide came about from the information I had to research to get my own chicken legs to grow. Read more here--->

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