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Home Sport-Specific Running Training 2 Steps for Starting a Running Program for Overweight People

2 Steps for Starting a Running Program for Overweight People

2 Steps for Starting a Running Program for Overweight People

For an overweight person, starting a running program is really tricky. In fact most fat people shy away from running training. This is a big mistake. And here is why: If you’re overweight, running can be your best ally in fighting those extra pounds and keep them off for good. Not only that, running can tone your body, reduce stress levels and the risk of heart problems, boost your fitness levels. And so on.

Therefore, here is the  step-by-step guideline for starting  a running program for the overweight person:




Step 1:  Prepare Mentally

Mental preparation means getting your mind ready for the activity ahead. Most beginners find it hard to start running not only for the lack of physical skill, mental readiness—especially beliefs and values—play a crucial role as well. For instance, if you don’t believe that you can be a runner, then doing this activity will be much harder. See , beliefs determine what we can and/or  can’t do in life. Hence having the wrong beliefs usually lead to mediocre results.

Therefore, make sure to have the right mindset prior to getting out of the door. One way you could do this is by using visualization techniques. This is a powerful  process that can help you build enough confidence and belief in your latent capabilities. The best way to do this process is to visualize your body as you whish it to be.  Doing so will entice your mind to behave in the manner you want it to act.




Step 2:  Walk-Run-Walk

Most beginner try to run immediately only to suffer from injury and disappointment afterwards. Obviously this is not the best approach. Most running injuries are the result of doing too much too soon without giving the body enough time to adapt to the sport.  As a result, The best approach is to start off slowly and build the intensity up gradually. A Walk-Run-Walk (W-R-W) program is the rule.

Following this simple program can ease you into the sport of running without hurting yourself. Not only that,  a W-R-W can also help you burn fat, lose weight, and boost your fitness level. All this, while staying clear of injury and other setbacks.

On a typical W-R-W program you’ll be asked to do 2 main things: walk for a specific time,  then go for a running interval at moderate pace. That’s it. No crazy spiriting or hill running. For instance, on your next workout, walk for full 5-minutes as a warm-up, run straight for 30-45 seconds, then take a walking  break until you feel comfortable to run again. This alternating pattern can help you gradually  build stamina while training within your skill level.

Each workout session should not last for more than 30-minute each, 3 times per week. And as you get stronger and fitter, you should make your running intervals  longer and ease up on the walking.

Abide to this rule until you’re able to run straight for 30-minute without much huffing and puffing. Then welcome to the crazy world of runners.



About the Author

David Dack is a runner and an established author on weight loss, motivation and fitness.

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