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15 Best Bodybuilding Pump-Up Motivational and Inspirational Training Videos

15 Best Bodybuilding Pump-Up Motivational and Inspirational Training Videos


As dedicated lifters to the sport, we are always looking to get on our A-Game for training. Bodybuilders and hardcore trainers alike always are looking to get pumped up for the gym. Here are the top 15 bodybuilding training videos listed in order that are guaranteed to get you PUMPED UP. These videos are not only entertaining, but will get you absolutely fired up to prepare you for battle; whereupon your opponent is the weights. Get fired up!


15) Epic Bodybuilding Dream

Sylvester Stallone, Kai Greene, Dorian Yates, and Jay Cutler deliver awesome speeches in this video. Not to mention, the background music and the screaming noises in the background make this video awesome.


14) Ronnie Coleman Inspirational

The most famous bodybuilder of our era is depicted throughout the entire  clip and it shows why he was the best. Ronnie Coleman doing an 800 lb. squat and an 800 lb. deadlift make this video very special.



13) Best Sport Ever- Bodybuilding

Arnold tells us how the last few reps are especially important to build muscle and sets up the theme to the entire clip. The guts it takes to bodybuild is tremendous. "I have no fear of fainting in the gym...because it's all worth it". The musci in this video is awesome and the clips of guys screaming make this very worthy.


12) Bodybuilding- Freaky Motivation

50 Cent's Ready for War beat that he made for Pretty Boy Floyd Mayweather makes this video absolutely motivational. The clips of Kai GReene screaming and other bodybuilders going through hell are intriguing.


11) Power of Motivation

This dude Zhasni who makes these films never seems to disappoint. The clips regarding the motivational theme underlying throughout this entire clip make this so powerfully enthralling. Kai Greene's speech about the preparation for the Olympia really engages us into the wolrd of bodybuilding and how it is more mental than physical.

10) "You Against You" Fight!

 This is a motivational video dedicated to any amateur bodybuilder about the hard life of a bodybuilder, and what it takes to beat yourself in a "you against you" fight. We're always in a continuous struggle for personal improvement. Bodybuilding is the truest form of competing against yourself. 


9) Bodybuilding Motivation

This motivational video is done perfectly with the 300 violin orchestra theme song in the background. The clips will get you absolutely fired up for the gym.


8) Epic Bodybuilding

The interviews of the champion bodybuilders really set the opening theme about how hard they worked to become champions and how they are grateful for the opportunity. It's not about 2nd Place. As Shawn Ray so eloquently depicted, "We're all just trying to become a part of history".

7) Misery

Bodybuilding is a miserable sport. It's miserable when you're busting your ass in the gym day after day. It's miserbale eating the same foods over and over again. It's miserable waking up the same monotony and the struggle of HAVING to follow your daily ritual. But it's the most glorious feeling in the world having the successes that come with it and being addicted to personal improvement is better than never having been one at all.


6) Bodybuilding- Sport of Gods

When Victor Martinez gives that nod and then the beat intensifies with Levrone being pictured is when this video turns from good to amazing.


5) Coleman vs. Schwarzenegger

The background song is called After Forever by Discord and is absolutely perfect for this video. The two best this sport has to offer. Who has the better physique. You decide?


4) Bodybuilding Motivation- Iron on the Mind

Simply, a well produced video. A great background music selection and great clips leading up to an intensified beat make this clip one of the best.



3) Mr. Olympia 2010 Promo Bring On the War

A 2010 Olympia promotional. Who will bring home the crown this year? Check out Muscle Prodigy's 2010 Mr. Olympia Predictions here.



2) Life of a Bodybuilder

The background music is from Gladiator and just makes this video so inspirational. Now only if we have the same body that Arnold has.



1) Brutal Bodybuilding Motivation

This sport is nothing short of brutal. It takes so much discipline and motiviation to train hard the days that you go into the gym, rest the proper way and take off days when you don't want to, and to eat soundly ALL THE TIME. Hats off to the competitors for making this such a great sport- A sport that is the foundation for all other sports.



Honorable Mention


Bodybuilding- Requiem for a Dream

Bodybuilding- Blood, Sweat, Tears, Guts & Yearning Desire

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Date Published : 2010-08-21 14:02:49
Written By : Jaret Grossman